About Udbhava Hospitals

What started off as a small clinic in suburban Kukatpally, is today a thriving multispecialty hospital safeguarding the health of thousands of families in and around the city. The hospital’s vision stems from its name, Udbhava or emergence – ensuring a safe passage for the delivery of new-borns. In other words, Udbhava Hospital is committed to excellence in paediatric healthcare using a combination of compassionate professionals and advanced medical technology.

Centre for Paediatric Excellence

The first shape of the vision took place in 2012, when Dr. Rajasekhar and Dr. Sirisha envisaged Udbhava to be a trusted destination where expecting mothers could get the best healthcare to welcome their little ones into this world. Set up in KPHB Road No.1, the hospital is at the forefront of pursuing paediatric excellence by pioneering the use of new technologies and taking up critical cases.

What makes Udbhava unique is the true spirit of the hospital—a wonderful blend of caring, innovation, uncompromising standards, and dedication to public service that has characterized the institution since the beginning.

Child Centred Care

Parents are our partners in care because, by working together, we can provide every child with the medical attention they deserve. Our goal is not only to provide leading-edge care but also to develop and recommend measures that will help prevent illness and injury in children.

Interdisciplinary approach

Health care professionals such as surgeons, general physicians, children’s specialists, gynaecologists, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, and others play an essential role on healthcare teams. Their input allows a more complete view of the child’s needs and greatly contributes to developing an optimal treatment plan for the child.The nurses coordinate with all departments and services, support the family, and are actively involved in treatment decisions with physicians. They also play an important role in teaching parents how to care for their sick child after leaving the hospital.

Facilities & Infrastructure

  • 75 bedded

  • NICU

  • PICU

  • Critical PICU

  • Post Op

  • Separate Labour Room

  • Deluxe rooms

  • Single Rooms (Air Conditioned)

  • Single Rooms (Non A/C)

  • Sharing Rooms

  • General Ward

  • Casualty

  • Pharmacy

  • Laboratory

  • Ambulance

  • X Ray, Scanning & Ultrasound

  • Ventilator & C-PAPs

  • Phototherapy