General Surgery

General Surgery deals with a wide range of surgical problems. Whenever possible, the latest non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques are utilized. For problems that cannot be treated with these methods, traditional open operative methods are used.

Treatments and services offered:

  1. Anaemia

  2. Aneurysm

  3. Angiography

  4. Breast abscess

  5. Colostomy

  6. Diagnostic endoscopy of the stomach

  7. Eczema (varicose)

  8. Endoscopy

  9. Fibro sarcoma

  10. Gallbladder surgery

  11. Gallstones

  12. Hernia inguinal

  13. Peritonitis

  14. Pilonidal sinus

  15. Hernia repair

  16. Rhabdo sarcoma

  17. Surgery for haemorrhoids

  18. Therapeutic endoscopy on the stomach

  19. Thyroid over-active

  20. Varicose vein stripping

  21. Vasectomy