Paediatric Skin Care

At a ripe, tender age, children are most likely to face problems with their skin, more often than not. The dermatology specialists at Udbhava Hospitals provide timely, friendly and high quality care for children with skin problems.

Diagnosis is made largely by listening to the patient or a preliminary examination of the skin. Further tests sometimes include blood tests, urine tests, x rays and other special tests such as skin biopsy or a patch test.

The doctors usually prescribe a combination of medicines, lotions or dressings. Based on the complications, we also use advanced tests like:

  1. Cryotherapy - a treatment that freezes abnormal cells or warts

  2. Iontophoresis - a treatment for excessive sweating

  3. Laser therapy - which is sometimes needed for birthmarks

One of the other advantage at Udbhava is that sometimes skin problem might be an indication of something more deep. The multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare enables professionals from multiple department to treat an underlying condition, ensure we are always providing the best medical care the patient can get.