Painless Delivery

Pain – the first reality that a pregnant woman is concerned about. Although the quantum of pain differs from person to person, it may at times adversely affect the health of those with heart diseases and irregular blood pressure levels. Painless delivery or Epidural Anaesthesia is used by doctors to aid the mother.


A small tube of the size of a thread will be passed into the back of the body through an injection. This tube is called as epidural catheter. Then, local anaesthetic drugs, which will numb the nerves and pain sensation, but will not affect the moving ability, will be ministered through this tube. This will provide relief from the pain even though the person can feel contractions. Besides, these drugs will not affect the baby in anyways. However, Epidural is not necessary to deliver, but can have a painless delivery.


Epidural Anaesthesia provides relief from pain. The amount of hormones generated will be quite less and thus both mother and baby can be comfortable. Epidural analgesia can bring down the blood pressure considerably. With painless delivery processes, unwanted or unnecessary caesareans can be avoided.