Lactation Clinic

At Udbhava, we value the importance of breastfeeding to both mom and baby and tailor our clinical support for them during this amazing experience that unites and benefits them both.We understand that breastfeeding challenges include both mom and baby. Breastfeeding challenges can occur in a lot of ways such as:

  1. The non-latching baby

  2. Sore nipples and breast pain including: mastitis, blocked ducts

  3. Milk supply issues

  4. Unique challenges including: tongue tie and cleft palate

Lactation Clinic Services:

  1. Prenatal Consultations to find out details like history of breast surgery and previous breastfeeding experiences.

  2. Outpatient Consultations for both mother and baby after hospital discharge

  3. Breastfeeding support facilities like breastfeeding room and pumping station

  4. Prenatal Breastfeeding Class for soon-to- be parents