Gynaecology is the branch of medicine that deals with the health of women, especially the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the female reproductive organs. Gynaecologists are also concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of general health problems specific to the female's anatomy, such as breast and cervical cancer, urinary tract and pelvic disorders, and hormonal disorders.

Women, especially married women with large families, always put their family first, sometimes at great cost to their own personal health. Our specialist team understands the sensitivities around women’s health and are here to support you to receive the best possible care.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to detect, diagnose, treat and manage women’s health conditions.From routine gynaecological checks to treatment for period abnormalities, pelvic infection, ovarian cysts, fibroids, pro-lapse, sterilisation or hysterectomy, to name just a few, our doctors will give clear, careful and empathetic advice always listening to you and getting your views upfront.

Some of the treatments available at Udbhava Hospital are:

  1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding

  2. Amenorrhoea (absence of menstrual periods during reproductive years)

  3. Dysmenorrhoea (painful menstrual periods)

  4. Fertility services

  5. Heavy menstrual bleeding/menorrhagia

  6. Pelvic/abdominal pain

  7. Recurrent miscarriage

  8. Urinary incontinence/symptoms

  9. Vaginal discharge or irritation