Maternity Services

Udbhava is ideally set to welcome your little one into this world. We provide a range of medical services in a caring and warm environment. The maternity services team includes high-risk pregnancy specialists, fertility experts, anaesthesiologists, nutritionists, neonatologists, paediatricians and nurses. All are committed to providing good, healthy and comprehensive care for women and babies before, during and after pregnancy.

We provide families with individualized attention and support to facilitate a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. Each family’s hopes and expectations for the birthing process are considered and respected. Our maternity team is focused on providing a warm and secure environment for a family’s first moments with their new baby.

Our maternity services pride on two factors:

  1. Expert Medical Care

  2. State-of- the-art Infrastructure

Expert Medical Care

We pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. We are blessed to have a highly credential group of healthcare professionals that provide world class individualized care to patients.

State-of- the-art Infrastructure

The physicians are ably supported by international equipment and infrastructure that enables them to practice good healthcare. Our hospital is equipped with:

  1. Comfortable patient rooms with all amenities like telephones, television, lavatory and shower.

  2. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

  3. Special Lactation Clinics

  4. 4D Ultrasound

  5. Foetal Medicine

  6. Antenatal Clinic

  7. Delivery suite